young engineer in Ashrae

Spencer Empey

CTTC Chair

“YEA” Stands for the Young Engineers in ASHRAE and is a committee aimed at “enhancing member benefits for young professional ASHRAE members, 35 years old and younger, by identifying, creating, and supporting activities and services focused on their needs.”  The YEA group is focused on getting members together to network, collaborate, and get involved in the local ASHRAE chapter with the hopes of taking on future leadership roles in ASHRAE and the industry as a whole.

Go to the Chapter Meetings & Events page to find out what the YEA committee has planned next. 

Spencer Empey graduated from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo in 2018 with a Mechanical Engineering degree and a concentration in HVAC&R. Spencer is a Sales Engineer for Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Corporation in Sacramento, California.

Sacramento Valley chapter 

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Folsom, CA 95763

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