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Welcome to THE

Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Chapter


Hello ASHRAE Sac Valley!

This will be our last newsletter for the ASHRAE year! It’s been an honor serving as
your chapter president and I look forward to seeing what the next group does to
advance the chapter and provide you all with great events and programs.
Congratulations to Felipe Victoria for joining the board of governor’s team as our
new treasurer and congratulations to Spencer Empey (Secretary), Nick Fiorito
(President-Elect), and Kurt Rapp (President) for advancing into their new roles.

A couple of great events are coming up the rest of the year!
May 17, 2023, ASHRAE Sacramento Valley - May Webinar
June 9, 2023, Golf Tournament at Morgan Creek Golf Club.
July TBD, 2023, Membership Promotion Activity – Sacramento Brew Boat… Details

Looking forward to seeing as many of you at these events as possible!


Jake Brausch
ASHRAE President, Sacramento Valley

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