Hello Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Members,

First, thank you to Mindy Espinosa and ASHRAE President Chuck Gulledge for speaking at our February and March meetings respectively! Mindy gave a very engaging presentation on UV-C IAQ solutions for HVAC systems, which sparked great discussion throughout the presentation (and afterwards). President Gulledge gave his presidential address and presented on the many pitfalls that may be encountered throughout the life of a project (design / build / operate / maintain), which emphasizes the need for all of us as ASHRAE members to use our collective expertise to provide successful solutions for the built environment.

Second, many people have now received their vaccines, with all people in California 16 or older eligible to receive their vaccine starting April 15th. Obviously this is great news, and as the vaccines get distributed we will hopefully see a return to a sense of normalcy while maintaining “best practices” when it comes to being healthy and safe. In the meantime, we will meet “virtually” for our final two meetings in April and May, and will have virtual elections for the ASHRAE 2021-2022 year.

Third, per our chapter bylaws, Ashraf Qader (current Chapter President-Elect) will become our Chapter President at the end of the current ASHRAE 2020-2021 year (ending June 30th, 2021). We will be voting for the officer positions of the President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer electronically (email will be sent out with a link to the election in the near future, be on the lookout!). The following individuals have been nominated for the remaining officer positions:

President-Elect nominee: Jacob Brausch (currently serving as Chapter Secretary)
Secretary nominee: Kurt Rapp (currently serving as Chapter Treasurer)
Treasurer nominee: Nick Fiorito (currently serving 2nd term as Chapter Tech. Transfer Chair)

The above candidates are all members in good standing and have consented to stand for election for the respective positions. There will be a write-in option for the above positions should there be any other nominees (note: additional nominees will need to provide a statement that they are a chapter member in a good standing and have consented to stand for election of the position they are nominated for).

Fourth, our chapter is looking for anyone interested in getting involved in a leadership role as a committee chair for the ASHRAE 2021-2022 year. These positions are appointed by the Chapter President, if you or anyone you know are interested in getting involved or just want to get more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ashraf, myself or any of the board members!
Finally, our next speaker is Mark MacCracken, who will be presenting virtually on “Energy Storage, Smart Grid and Zero Energy Buildings: Building Capacitance” on Wednesday, April 7th at 11 AM (note the start time difference!). There will be NO cost to sign up for the virtual meeting. We look forward to another great presentation and hope to see you all there!

Ryan Porter
Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Chapter President

ASHRAE President Gulledge's Presidential Message