Hello Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Members,

I would first off like to thank Karine LeBlanc and David Schurk for their virtual presentations for our chapter in November and December. Karine gave very useful and practical strategies for us to use on connecting with others professionally (which can also extend over to our personal lives) and David provided guidance on the latest strategies for creating healthy indoor environments.
Many of us were hoping for a return to normalcy by the beginning of 2021. While we are not quite there, prospects are looking better with the two approved vaccines for COVID-19 that have already started rolling out to the public, with additional vaccines in phase 3 clinical trials. Hopefully as more and more people receive this, the rate of infection will plummet and we can begin to enjoy the little things (like visiting with each other face to face) that were previously taken for granted. With that said, we will continue to meet virtually for the foreseeable future.

In YEA news, the chapter had a successful event at Device Brewing Company that was well attended physically while complying with all safety / social distancing protocols in place, as well as virtually. We hope to have more of these events in the near future so be on the lookout for more information!

Our next speaker is Mindy Espinosa, who will be presenting on “UV-C IAQ Solutions for HVAC Systems” on Wednesday, February 3rd at 12 PM. Based on some recent feedback, there will be NO cost to sign up for the virtual meeting. We look forward to another great presentation and hope to see you all there!

Ryan Porter
Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Chapter President

Sacramento Valley chapter


PO Box 7002

Folsom, CA 95763

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