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How you can donate and help ASHRAE be better!

research promotion


Kevin Baldwin 

RP Chair

I am the chair for the Research Promotion (RP) committee. We come up with creative ways to raise funds for ASHRAE research. Did you know that 100% of research donations go towards research? ASHRAE is amazing, learn more HERE. Stay tuned for our RP night, a mid-year RP event and the golf tournament in the summer. Why wait to support RP, donate online HERE now.

I absolutely love ASHRAE but I do other things with my time as well. By day, and night when the phone rings, I am a manufacturers rep with Ascent. I love spending time with my family and being active with my two kids. That includes backpacking, disc golf, camping, movie watching and more.

ways you can donate:



You can catch any of the chapter officers at the monthly chapter meeting and we can help you on the spot!


You can click here:



You can email our Research promotion chair

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