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Chapter Technology transfer (cttC)

CTTC develops and maintains high quality and readily available tools to enable Chapters to offer information and attractive industry-related information and programs to all segments within the HVAC&R industry. More Info HERE.

student activities (SA)

Student Activities Committee develops a comprehensive program for the educational community for the purpose of promoting and encouraging engineering and HVAC&R careers. More Info HERE.

membership promotion

The committee monitors the Society's membership demographics and, where appropriate, adjusts or creates programs to ensure that individuals from all demographic backgrounds are being equally attracted to ASHRAE. More Info HERE.

research promotion (rp)

The Research Promotion Committee plans and implements programs within the Society to generate funds to support ASHRAE research, YEA, Education (ALI), ASHRAE Foundation, Scholarships, and the General Fund. This committee reports to Members Council. More Info HERE.

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA)

The Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee enhances member benefits for young professional ASHRAE members, 35 years old and younger, by identifying activities and services focused on their needs. More Info HERE.


Historical Committee encourages regional and chapter historians to gather historical information and artifacts.  More Info HERE.

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