Sacramento-Valley Chapter Student Scholarships

The Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Chapter is dedicated to supporting local students and continuing our annual scholarship program. This year we will be awarding (1) $1,000 scholarship and (1) $750 scholarship to deserving students. In addition, we will be offering (10) $25 monetary reimbursements for Student Grade ASHRAE Memberships to students who commit to joining a local Student Branch (Sac State or UC Davis) as a club officer. Thank you to all of our chapter members for making this possible!

Students who are interested in applying for a Sacramento Valley ASHRAE Chapter scholarship should send a completed application form to Michele Shi (  The application deadline is March 27, 2022 and we will be awarding the scholarships at the April 6 Dinner Meeting in Rancho Cordova (subject to change). Students who are interested in joining a local Student Branch as a club officer should contact Michele Shi ( for reimbursement instructions. Please pass along to any students you feel would be qualified / interested in applying. 

Please note, the application is a guideline for giving the most information possible to be deemed worthy of a scholarship, but filling out all details on the application is not a requirement.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

Scholarships are also available for students ranging from high school, to engineering-technology and undergraduate engineering. Visit the society website for further information.